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Two-time champion Kyle Busch wins WWE title in Nashville

Photo courtesy of WWE

Days before being feted as the 2019 Monster Energy Series champion, Kyle Busch won a title of another kind Monday night.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver, in Nashville for Champion’s Week, took in the sights and sounds of WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” wrestling show and earned another title in the process.

Yes, Busch — with a helping hand (three times) from Michael Waltrip — won a WWE championship belt, the company’s “24/7” championship.

Busch and Waltrip had been shown earlier in the program as celebrity guests in the crowd, then later got involved in the action. Wrestler R-Truth, who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was the 24/7 champion, approached Busch and Waltrip and brought them onto the floor outside the ring.

Waltrip slowly unzipped his pullover to reveal a referee shirt, allowing Busch to sneak behind R-Truth and pin him for the title with Waltrip making the three-count.

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The 24/7 championship is the WWE title that can be defended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any time, any place.

So, Busch is champion … for now.

Champion’s Week formally kicks off Tuesday in Music City, so “Rowdy” will have to be on high alert.

Editor’s note: According to the WWE Instagram account, Busch lost the championship back to R-Truth later Monday night following an R-Truth surprise pin in the dressing room area.